What about Astrology – Real Or Fake?

By admin / August 14, 2010
By: Manuez Marbo
Category: Spirituality

Is someone there who is thinking this question that is astrology real or fake because this question can be of exactly billion-dollar question as astrology industry makes billions every year? Did someone know who was the inventor of astrology or how did astrology started into these industries? Why people are so keen to know about there astrology?

People face lot of confusion surround astrology, as they do not know what should be considered or what should not be considered as part of astrology. People have lit bit knowledge about astrology is that basically fortune telling, love compatibility, life readings. All the astrology is based on key components are as on the day you were born, your birth month, your birth time, or something based on it. And other things based on astrology are what is the position of the planets, moon, and sun on the day that you get your reading or the day that you are asking about. But astrology isn't all about personal readings.

In past years astrology consist of a king should go on a war or not, if he has some danger to his life then he won’t go or a country will have a financially successful year. If the astrology were wrong then the astrologer would be killed. This was the function of astrology in past years but nowadays people don't have to worry about losing their lives when their reading is wrong.

This is lack of punishment given to those fake astrologers into the field. People who have some ideas about reading can sit down and give their observations. The problem based on it is that these people do not have so much knowledge of astrology and even the position of planet. Instead of being astrology, it is more like psychology. This is fake astrology.

Many people face challenges about astrology that is it real or fake and if it is real then it may have a lot of good points. The discovery of astrology has been from longer time, it have been come to existence before any religion. People who are really study the planets in relation to people; they have gained the knowledge of thousand and thousand years that has been passed out. It is obvious that this kind of information is invaluable to guess the future for anyone or anything.

There is lot of difference between astrology and psychics. But people do not understand it. As it is due to the fact that psychics also tell fortune telling readings and sometime they fall into astrology for these readings. Psychics also do many other things that astrologers don't do. With the help of psychics we can get to know true fortune telling. In psychics they will pull out a magic ball and 'see' the future in it or connect to someone from the spirit world through it. They even have tarot deck, which reveal some aspect of your life. Some people see hands of the people tell their future. They are just reading people and sys things based on what you say or how you react to something. If they are right then they often because you believe that they are right. The mind is a powerful thing and if you believe that you can do something, you will work towards that goal and you will have tendency to achieve it.

Who does not believe on astrology they can argue on the same point, events on life happened because we believe on it. If every person in the world has chosen there destiny then the planets and stars are possibly the only things that could hold that information. Is astrology is real or fake that depend on if you find a real astrologer or a fake one. It also depends upon you that you have chosen your destination or not. If you believe on you that you can reach your destiny then you probably have no use for an astrologer.

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