The Messages Conveyed in Avatar

By admin / March 24, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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I watched the film Avatar for the second time yesterday. The story is in fact quite a simple one; that of the newcomer invading and trying to take land and possessions from the indigenous people, with no thought for their lives or values. But there are many deeper complexities woven into the structure of this film.

Nobody could help but notice how one became hooked into the lives of the "aliens", identifying more with them than our own human species. The aliens became far more human than the majority of the humans! I don't "do" alien movies; but this film is not about aliens - it's about the real values and balance of life on this planet.

There are a lot of basic themes and concepts of life which are portrayed within this film. It is interesting to notice Jake's reactions when he first encounters life on Pandora. He displays the natural instinct of fear when we perceive threat. He has to learn to face the various panther-dog and rhino-like animals in the jungle. But as he learns the ways of the indigenous peoples, he comes to understand that it was his own fault that he ever had to confront these beasts at all.

It was pointed out to Jake that if he had moved more quietly or displayed more subtlety and understanding he would never have been confronted by these beasts; it was he who had (through lack of understanding which had led to fear) intruded upon their lives and posed a threat to them. When you think about it, most fear which we experience in life is indeed caused through a lack of real understanding of things.

This basic tenet is displayed in many occurrences throughout the film. Once Jake understands the ways of the huge flying birds, he learns to bond with them and gains a loyal cohort for life. If you work with them, they work with you. You become a dedicated team. But the only way in which this relationship can get off the ground is by overcoming your fear and displaying equal "heart".

As you watch Avatar you see again and again how one has to "feel" with your heart and not just see in a way which is superficial. It comes across in their greeting "I see you" which means so much more than those few words usually mean to we human beings. How many times have you used the phrase "I see" when you clearly did not see?!

There are many ironies such as these which "pop up" in Avatar. The name Pandora of course says so much and Jake did indeed discover that having lifted the lid, he could never close the lid again.

It is pointed out that if your cup is full, there is no room left for new learning. Jake displays the open mind of someone whose cup is empty and open to being filled. He has great motivation as he has been promised the operation to give him back the use of his legs so long as he carries out a specific task.

There is also the insight that it is easier to face fear when you feel that you have nothing to lose. The more you have, the more there is to lose, and hence the more fear there is to hold you back. We would all benefit from emptying and refreshing our cups on a regular basis. In Jake's case he quickly realizes that his earlier motivation which had seemed to be so important was nothing as compared to the importance of saving Pandora and its people.

A further message in the movie is that the more possessions you have the more you want. Hence the reason for humans being on Pandora at all - their quest for "unobtanium". Again, we see an example of a greatly ironic name. The unobtanium is, needless to say, beneath the position of the home that the indigenous peoples have chosen, its epicenter being beneath the tree of spirits - the spirit of Ewya.

The indigenous people also do not attempt to possess this "unobtanium"; they recognize that it is not a possession to be mined, sold or worn. It is a spiritual energy which everyone can share and benefit from merely by being open to its presence. It is there because of the people's spiritual understanding, their respect for their ancestors and the balance of life. When Jake goes to Ewya to ask for help, it is explained that Ewya does not take sides, but merely promotes balance.

The message of course is that if you live in accordance with the natural spiritual understanding and way of life and respect its balance, you will be richly rewarded. But to those who do not gain that understanding and insight that reward will always be both craved and unobtainable.

A journey into spirituality does give great understanding and creates a feeling of balance and harmony. Avatar is not about aliens; it is about mutual respect, spirituality, community spirit, banding together as a team, balance and ultimately how in the long run good will conquer over evil.

If what you desire takes from another, or does not display respect for others, it destroys life's balance, and puts life upon this planet in jeopardy.

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