Rekindle your love life with Feng Shui romance tips

By admin / November 18, 2007
By: amit bhalla
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Human relationships form the basic core of our existence and the stronger the bonds are with our loved ones, the more we feel content and satisfied with life. However, most of us need to realize that no relationship can be taken for granted, be it between parent and child, friends, couples and for that matter any relationship at all needs nurturing. Among all these bonds, that between couples is perhaps the most delicate yet strongest one. Like all other bonds, this relationship too needs constant assurance and strengthening with ingredients like trust, care, faith and of course, romance. Feng Shui romance tips can be potent tool in enhancing your love life. You could use these tips to attract love into your life or to strengthen the bonds of an already existing relationship.

Feng Shui romance tips use the ancient Chinese methods to improve the personal relationship aspect of our lives, which is a crucial part of an individual's existence. Simple tips and minor adjustments in our immediate environment can bring about astounding results. As for example, artwork and visual artifacts tends to have a strong impression on our mind. Therefore, if we surround ourselves with pictures of happy couples or ourselves and our partner in a happy frame of mind, we can induce that sense of well being into our daily lives. Similarly, placing the seating arrangements in a comfortable position and introducing comfortable couches and love seats gives out the signal that you are ready for a warm and loving relationship and is an important part of Feng Shui romance tips.

It is also strongly recommended under Feng Shui romance tips that electronic items like the television set are best removed from the bedroom. The electronic signals sent out by the objects could spread negative vibes and create problems for the couple using the bedroom. Also a king sized bed may appear to be more spacious and comfortable; however, it is not ideal for symbolizing intimacy between a couple. It would therefore be better to downsize your bed to a queen-sized one. Also, ensure that your bed is not pushed against the wall from one side and there should be sufficient space to walk up to the bed from either side.

Feng Shui romance tips also include the creation of your personal "relationship gua'. If you keep your entrance door as the reference point, the far right hand side corner of the room will be your "relationship gua' and this corner should be decorated in an intimate and cozy manner with the perfect décor and lighting. Colors are also an integral part of our lives and according to Feng Shui, warm colors like pink, rose and coral can greatly enhance your love life. Follow some simple rules and see your life change for the better with Feng Shui romance tips. However, while applying and implementing Feng Shui tips in your life, it is always advisable to get the advice and guidance of an expert Feng Shui consultant who could show you the right way of inviting harmony, peace and prosperity in your lives.

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