Psychic Powers: Your Key To Success

By admin / March 2, 2011
By: Denise Freeman
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 Everyone has psychic powers they can tap into to make their lives run smoother and to be more successful. Yet few people recognize how their body responds to the insight that is being given to them. Sadly even fewer people actually act upon it when they do recognize the insight. This article looks at some easy to follow steps to allowing your psychic powers to manifest in your life.

One of the first steps most people must overcome, is the age old desire we humans have of needing to put a specific name on everything. It does not matter what you choose to call your psychic powers. Be it intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, the light or any one of a hundred other regional names, it all boils down to the same thing. It is information coming to you from a source that is outside yourself, yet having an affect on your physical body.

Spend a few moments relaxing and letting go of any tensions in your body. Try to keep your mind unfocused for a few moments and just allow everything to relax. Breathe slowly, but deeply a few times, letting all the tensions of the day just float away.

Now turn your attention to your own body. Using nothing but your mind, take a moment to pay attention to how each part of your body feels at this moment. Whatever you are feeling is perfectly fine. There is no right or wrong answer to this exercise. How does your stomach feel, your arms, legs, back and all other parts of your body? Are they hot, cold, itchy, tingly? Remember too that it is not unusual for different parts of your body to feel differently at the same time.

Now think of a question you know the answer to. Is my name _____. Am I a man (or woman). Anything will do as long as you know the answer to the question and the question is true. Ask yourself your chosen question and pay attention to your body. Did you feel anything different from before the question was asked. Psychic powers can show up in almost any way. Some people will feel a tightening in a specific part of their body. Some may feel a twinge almost like a pain. Some people will feel a flutter in their stomach. Whatever you feel is fine, just make a note of it and move on.

You may want to go through several different questions, taking the time to listen and feel your body to see how it reacts to a true question. When you are ready, reword a question or write a new one that you know the answer to, but write it in such a way as you know the answer is false. If you are a woman, ask the question am I a man. If you have blue eyes, ask if you have green eyes.

Then pay attention to your body as you ask these questions. The vast majority of people will feel a different feeling within their body if the question is not true. It may be something completely different than when the question is true, or it may simply feel different. For instance, for me when the answer is false, I feel something just short of being a pain in my stomach. When it is true I feel a cooling sensation in my stomach. But both show up in my stomach.

It is possible however that what you feel or sense, may be in completely different parts of your body. However it comes to you, it is right for you personally as there is no right or wrong to this, only what you truly sense. Use this technique to make important decisions in your life and you will succeed.

By taking the time to learn how your body personally responds to questions, any time you are faced with a decision to make you can turn it into a yes or no question and ask your internal radar what you should do in the situation. You will be surprise how much smoother your live will go when you learn to trust these little feeling and as time goes on, most people start to develop other psychic powers as a bonus.

You may begin to have visions or dreams. You may experience a thought that hits you like a brick that you simply can not let go of until you deal with it. You may suddenly experience knowing when the phone is going to ring or exactly when a stop light will turn red. Any or all of these things and so much more can happen because as you start to trust your psychic powers, others start to become active all on their own.

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