Is the religion considered way to salvation?

By admin / May 25, 2011
By: Ginar Asombrado
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Most of the world’s population can be classified according to their believe to their inventor, so called faith. And Catholicism domains the greater fraction among other faith at most countries.

Catholics describes Jesus Christ as child of GOD and the only way to save from the sinful world, by his death to the “cross of Calvary”. Also, by human blood, Jesus’ mother, Virgin Mary gains respect by her sacrifice to carry a holy child inside her womb, despite of all the criticisms and doubts to her faithfulness to Joseph, her romantic partner.

Many religion shares story about the great God, but different character names, execution and interpretation. But what more important is, does religion can send you to heaven?

Last night, my mother was pushing me to attend the Sunday mass, a non-catholic assembly, teaching the same spiritual aspect as Catholics has, except of their saints and patrons, signing of cross before and after their prayers. And having a abundance of churches at the same area. Like placing 10 churches in a small subdivision with different names and organization each. A funny thing that makes my decision in attending such mass more complicated, or should I say doubting to their purpose of spreading the word of creator.
It’s a huge issue for our family that I, the youngest member, don’t want to join that particular religious group. as a son I should follow my parents command. But this time, it’s my personal decision to choose what group of people engaging to one's belief to God does my belief suits best.

Now I am having a small learning about all existing religion, asking some professors, relatives, and some unbiased friends on what their stands on belief. And many of them agreed to me that religion cannot save you from hell after you die. A fact that every group should imposed to their members. It’s hard to find what makes you feel that you are entering the right path of your life. But if you have the Lord in your heart, you will not go anywhere but to the best. A deep relationship to the Lord will guide you along the way, through ups and downs, through thick and thin, for richer and for poorer just like what the married couples promise each other. But for the Lord it was for real.

 I am Ginar Asombrado, Writing Article for our Virgin Mary and her Apparitions; I would like to spread this word for all is rejuvenated. If you want to now more about me, Visit my website or here

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