Dreams And The Meaning Behind Them

By admin / June 21, 2009
By: Henry Fong
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Have you ever had a dream that was so wild or weird that it scared you? All you could think is what does this dream mean? Looking for a place for a dream interpretation can be done online. Many different sites will provide you with a simple way to find just what may be on your mind.

Some people may never really remember a dream, or not very often. Or you remember little parts of a dream and it seems like the wildest thing you could ever have imagined.

As a writer I get many ideas from those dreams that I remember, in fact I love having those fantastic and weird dreams. All the better to create a horror novel with!

Though everyone has their own thoughts on what their dreams really mean. There are dream dictionaries that you can find online that will tell you supposedly just what those dreams mean.

How can that work though? Since each person has different ways that they have been raised, and different sets of priorities. Not only that but not everyone has the same desires, so dreams will be different. A poor person may constantly dream of wealth, just because they want money, it's a desire.

If you're a fan of Sigmund Freud or have ever studied any psychology you will know what his thoughts on dreams were. It's funny but all the meanings that he came up always had to do with some sort of hidden sexual feeling the person suffered from. Though it might have had a bit to do with his proclivity to snort Cocaine! Freud was a brilliant man yes, and his ideas were great, but do all dreams deal with sex? No.

However, if you look back in history the thoughts of what dreams mean have changed. As society changes and technology advances people dream about different things.

But just because I dream of killing someone, it doesn't mean that I have feelings that are unresolved, or a problem that is stressing me out. Heck most of the time when I do dream about that it makes the way into a story of some kind. Just wait one day everyone will find out what they are all about!

So instead of worrying that you dreamt of killing your husband last night, enjoy the fact that in your dream you got rid of some of your aggression. Enjoy life and remember that dreams are just that dreams. They may mean something, but it's really hard to classify everyone's dreams into one meaning.

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