Secrets How to Attract The Man You Want For A Relationship

By admin / April 7, 2011
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Girls, how to attract the man you want for a relationship.

The truth about getting into a good relationship, a truth that what men ultimately do NOT want you to know, is that you have MORE power over men than you could ever imagine. And to make men succumb to you and give you what you want, is in fact, extremely easy once you understand men! Be sure girls that those secrets can really work for you and make you a winner in the relationship if you follow them step by step. Once you realize that a men enjoys his ego being caressed and likes the soft side a women can offer, you will be well on your way to fulfill the wishes of your heart to attract the man you want for a great relationship with your powerful feminine net. First secret in snagging a man for the relationship you desire is all about you and how you present yourself. Men like women who respect themselves. If you appear to a date with all your treasures on display that will absolutely turn on a man, but your date may be your last date with that man, in another words most likely there will be no second date, leading to no long term relationship. Dress sexy but until to the point where it will awaken is wild imagination to work wildly and put reality on hold for the moment. Remember you're setting the tone for a relationship not a one night stand. It is great when you leave him something to fantasize about and look forward to during the date. Showing some bare flesh around the chest or a bit of a leg will let some tension flow, that will put the date on a solid ground, but not so much that he only sees you as a fling rather than for a relationship. If you want a relationship, make sure he respects you. Some incidental touch once in a while, a gentle caress of your hand across his cheek can be good. And if you really like him and want to have him, touch his arm when you laugh at his jokes, lean in close so he can feel your presence close to him, that will let intimacy develop and build up. Be free to have an eye contact, it can be very powerful often times the eyes reveals emotions a lot better then words can do. For the man considering a relationship, a woman with good self confidence who is independent and knows how to take care of herself is very appreciated by most men. Those days when women needed a man for every little thing are Over now, Gone with the wind. A confident, self supporting woman who Dictates herself how to live and have her own rhythm to life get credits for that from men. Men are not looking for a weak little insecure porcelain doll that needs to be protected and guided in all aspects of life, this kind of relationship can get tiring and boring for a man. Attractive women come in all sizes and shapes not every woman looks like she just came back from a beauty contest. But still, if she does her best to look pretty and feels that way, it shows and that's indeed moves something inside a mans mind to help him see her in a long term relationship. A woman with a free spirit who is not afraid to try new things, that is not hesitating going for a new adventures or entering where few women dare to go is a woman worth having fun with. Adventure and spontaneity keep a relationship alive and going strong as time goes by. A relationship is not to be without enjoyment. Talk dirty to me baby! Is a fantasy every man wish fulfilled? Men do it all the time, take a lesson, lean in close and whisper those "naughty"words in his ear and watch his face begins glowing . This works best in a public place it not only turns a man on it creates a sense of excitement and danger of getting caught. The scent of a woman is also a very powerful tool. So ladies choose your perfume wisely you don't want to smell wrong nor do you want to smell like your Clorox detergent because of a scent traces that remain on your clothes, a memory of what you did ten minutes before you left home on your way to the date, consider relationship building as an investment. Don't do your cleaning jobs just before a date!! No perfume is going to help you in that case, even not the most amazing one. Choose a nice light but memorable scents, it will penetrate the men Senses and lift is moral and mood. The last thing he wants is a dull relationship. A man loves a woman with A sense of humor who has a little wit and doesn't turn into all colors of embarrassment and then straight into a deep shock when she hears a dirty joke. If you yourself can surprise him and make him laugh with dirty joke, all the better! Finally the last secret in attracting a man for a relationship is that a man is always turned on by a woman who doesn't try and force herself to be someone else, a figure that lives and exists only in fairy tales just to impress him. You're one in a million don't try to be someone else. Men like a women that can be herself in a meaningful relationship. These secrets without a doubt will work for you to attract a better man every time.

The truth is, most women struggle to attract the man they want and enjoy a good relationship because they were never told how to attract the right man and what a "good" relationship is suppose to look like.

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