How to Stop Hurting After Your Girlfriend Cheated

By admin / September 3, 2010
By: Teecee Go
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When you discover that your girlfriend has cheated on you, you will experience intense pain. If you would like to mend your relationship, you will need to learn how to stop hurting after she's cheated. Although every relationship is different and each individual is unique, there are some general measures that will help you out.

These are some of the measures that will help you to stop hurting after she's cheated.

1. A relationship requires the input of both parties, but before this step becomes effective, you need to be at peace with your own self. Accept that there were some problems in the relationship that led to this painful situation. Whatever they were, strive to put them behind you and move on. You should accept the fact that you were also responsible for the turn of events in some way. You should realize that it is how you act in the present that will determine the future.

2. Forgive and forget. If you think that forgiving just helps the person you are forgiving then you are wrong. When you forgive someone, you will feel as if quite a great load has been lifted off your shoulders. The peace you will get will greatly help in strengthening the relationship between you. In fact, it not possible to get complete healing and move forward before you forgive your partner for her mistake.

3. Accept the pain. If your girlfriend betrayal does not hurt you then you did not really love her – at least not enough to be affected. Have some time to grieve the hurt so that you can move ahead with no pent up emotions. No matter how long you take, you will not heal properly if you do not allow yourself to experience the pain of the betrayal and get it out of your system.

4. Do not spend your time doing nothing, which will give you a good opportunity to think about the painful experience. Instead, spend time thinking of ways that you should use to win back her affection. Find out what was wrong, so much so that she had to look for a solution out of the relationship. She would not have cheated if everything was perfect between you.

Take time to unearth the truth so that you can make necessary corrections to avoid such a possibility in the future. Find out what she lacked and give it to her. You will not just keep her but also stop hurting after she's cheated on you.

Next, learn how to get her back, you will find that it is not as challenging as it appears when you use the right strategies. She may be still very much in love with you just have to find the right opening. This FREE: the magic of making up is what you'll need to go about getting her back.

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