Getting Back at Your Ex – Some Useful Tips

By admin / April 6, 2010
By: Liz Canham
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Relationships are a fragile balance of concessions, to be developed over time and taken care of to make sure that they can mature and thrive. Unhappily, break ups happen and they can be very affecting and traumatic. If you are involved in a partnership which splits up, you might be looking for revenge for all the grief you have been caused. Nonetheless that might not be the best way to proceed.

If you want to get back at your ex, you may want to do so in a very subtle way which will make them look again and remember why they loved you in the first place. These 5 tips are good for getting back at your ex but they may also help you to get your ex back.

Be brave . No one wants someone crying over them the whole time and this is never truer than with a broken relationship. Don't beg, don't cling and don't show that you're at all upset. Your ex will imagine that you have got over them already but they may realise that they haven't got over you!

Keep contact to a minimum. You may want to talk about getting back together but stay out of touch for a while. Don't phone, don't email, don't text! Let your ex wonder about you and what you're doing; they will grow to appreciate what you had together.

Be adaptable. Don't insist that your ex remove all their belongings from you home immediately. Allow them time to find somewhere else to go and to store their stuff. Be sympathetic to their predicament; after all, it's they who have to find a new home. They may be surprised at how kind you really are and make them see that they don't want this split.

Go out and enjoy yourself. Don't stay at home alone being miserable. Get your friends together and go out on the town. Make new friends, take up new hobbies; in fact do anything which you enjoy and which will take your mind off your present situation. This doesn't mean that you have to go as far as finding a new partner or even go on dates, but do have some fun. Not only will this be good for you, but it will show your ex that you can manage without them.

Be natural. Your ex fell in love with the person that you are once, why shouldn't it happen again. If you like yourself, your ex will remember that they like you too, and more.

Getting back at your ex could become getting back with your ex. Just follow the 5 tips above and your ex boyfried or ex girlfriend is sure to want you back. Without that, you will at least have the comfort of knowing that you made a good show of moving on.

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