The Washington State Child Custody Attorney Who Makes a Difference

By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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Divorce is a major turning point for families, and it is a reality that they have come to terms with. Everyone dreams of living a perfect family life, but it does not always work out as such. Unfortunately, it is often the children in a divorce who bear the brunt of the emotional trauma during divorce. While adults get involved in why they can't stand their marital partner, children don't understand alienating one of their parents. Child custody is thus perhaps the most sensitive and important issue in any divorce. A court of law might have to decide the fate of your children during divorce when divorcing parents cannot agree about who shall have custody of the child. Therefore, it is important to choose a Washington State child custody attorney that will help you achieve what is best for the child. The Washington State Child Custody lawyers at McKinley Irvin have a good deal of experience in this important and touchy area of law. The rules and regulations governing child custody differ from one state to the next. So, it is very important for a child custody attorney to understand where your custody action should take place and what are the important legal issues given the circumstances of each case. The Washington State Child Custody attorneys at McKinley Irvin do just this. They have the collective experience of 100 years in litigating Washington state child custody laws and in explaining to their clients just what is legally at stake. McKinley Irvin Washington state child custody lawyers are familiar with custody laws in other states, and have expert knowledge of the law of Washington State. Often, other factors being equal, mothers are granted the outright legal custody of children and designated to be the primary residential parent. However, the law treats each parent equally, and the child custody attorney can argue on the possibility of granting the custody in favor of the father. At McKinley Irvin, our Washington State Child Custody attorneys represent mothers and fathers, and like the law, we treat all clients with dignity and respect.

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