The importance of A Seattle family law attorney for your case

By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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A Seattle family law attorney is a legal specialist who handles cases involving Washington State family law actions like divorce, adoption, child custody and support, residential schedule, educational expenses for children, alimony, and prenuptial agreements. Here is a list of questions frequently asked by those seeking a Seattle family law attorney. These questions and answers are general in nature and should not be used as specific legal advice for your case. Each case is unique with circumstances and factors which must be considered by competent legal counsel. For specific questions about your case, please contact a Seattle family law attorney who practices in these areas. However, start with these questions in your hunt for a Seattle family law attorney. 1. Does the Seattle family law attorney specialize in family law and related matters? 2. How many years experience does the attorney have? 3. What are this attorney's legal resources like assistants and paralegals? 4. Is the attorney honest, professional, and well respected? 5. Is the attorney able to communicate clearly to you, and can he or she explain legal doctrine in a plain language style? 6. Does the attorney demonstrate a sincere interest in helping with your case? 7. Does the Seattle family law attorney demonstrate a desire to work with you, and not just in his best interests? 8. Is the attorney organized, available for questions, and available to go to court in the jurisdiction where your action will occur? 9. Can the attorney ensure that once your case begins your case will keep moving toward resolution? 10. Trust your gut: Does this attorney feel right to you? Furthermore, if children are part of your divorce, are you convinced that this attorney truly cares about that intangible factor of the best interests of your child?. A Seattle family law attorney who understands that your children are the most important issue in your life and, hence, your divorce can do a lot to make sure those interests are protected. It is ordinarily a good idea to consult a Seattle family law attorney on any major life event, such as a contested or uncontested divorce, adoption of a child or placement of a child for adoption, child abuse matters, child support modifications, child visitation and custody, being accused of or a victim of domestic violence, elder law, juvenile law, probate or other major family law issues. The Seattle family law attorneys at McKinley Irvin are happy to speak with you about your case.

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