Seattle Arbitration: Separation Contracts

By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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Separation Contracts After parties to a divorce action have filed their case, they make seek to enter into a separation contract or Seattle arbitration.. This contract may provide for alimony for either party, rules for using property, provisions regarding children's residency, and child support. The provisions of a separation contract are binding upon both parties at the time a final decree is entered unless the court rules that the contract is unfair, either in its terms or in the way it was executed. In most cases Seattle arbitration or mediation may be ordered to decide disputes about the contract itself or its terms once it has been signed. Parties might want to live separately under the terms of the contract without filing an action if the contract meets certain statutory standard regarding publication, etc.. A Seattle arbitration or family attorney can help you decide on the best process for your case. Entering into a written separation contract often benefits parties who agreed on their divorce issues before the divorce is finalized or the ninety day waiting period has elapsed. The Seattle Arbitration process can effectuate this process, if necessary. Moreover, going through the process of drafting a separation contract helps insure that the oral agreements made by the parties become memorialized. However, there is also a danger that one party rushes to agreements early in the matter, before that party has a clear idea of his or her rights under Washington State family law. Therefore, before signing a separation contract, it is a good idea to consult with a divorce or Seattle Arbitration lawyer who can advise you of the viability, advantages, and disadvantages of the contract. Furthermore, remember that the facts of your case when you separate may be very different six months later. Therefore, considering Seattle Arbitration or mediation provisions in the event of disputes is advisable. There is statutory language on separation contracts, please see RCW 26.09.070: Separation contracts.

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