Kids are losers in divorce

By admin / March 14, 2011
By: Gloria Cox
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Children cannot comprehend

The after effects of divorce are more enduring than the process of divorce itself. As the situation sets into your life and your child's life it is difficult to come to terms that your family is no longer together. For children things are comparatively simple and they do not seem to relate to the issues of their parents. Children want their parents together in most of the cases no matter what. They have grown up seeing their father, mother together, and cannot comprehend the situation where their parents are not living together. They cannot come to terms that they have to choose living with either of their parent.

Bitter transition:

Divorce creates emotional wounds in a child's life. You need to talk to them about what is going on in your life. You need to make them express about how they feel and explain them that it is painful for you too. Involve them; there are times when kids will help you go through this transition. When you involve them, it gives them a sense of power.

Losing touch with parents:

Children lose touch with their parents especially their fathers in Britain. This happens because parents do not separate amicably. The couples admit that they end up making the entire experience of divorce as unpleasant as possible for the spouse. Thus, most children feel used by their parents. Parents involved know that it is painful for the children, in spite of this they do not try and make it a smooth transition for the entire family. Adults often get caught with ego hang-ups and in the process the child feels neglected and less cared for.

Normal life:

The child's normal life is disturbed as the love and care of one of their parents seems to be missing. At times as both the parents get busy in their respective lives, the child takes to living life without any love, care, affection and guidance. The role of both mother and father is vital and no one can be a substitute to them.

Economics of divorce:

Family cannot live happily divided as it can together. After the divorce the living standard of the entire family becomes low. It is the duty of the parents to support their child financially, according to their ability. This is divorce child support.

Children suffer multiple losses during divorce. They lose the comfort of a family life. Some lose their childhood and are burdened with responsibilities. They are sometimes compelled contribute financially to make up for the expenses. At times children lose their self-esteem, as they believe themselves to be the reason for divorce. They consequently feel obligated to set things right. Their solutions seldom succeed- adding to a sense of failure and low self-esteem.

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