Difference between the Value and Price of a Gift

By admin / January 10, 2010
By: Timothy Spencer
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On the Internet, the main definition of Value is an assigned quality that renders something desirable as to which Price is pure monetary value. Although further definition and options of how its use may render these two wonders interchangeable this article limits itself to it general meanings.

Wikipedia further describes a Gift as a transfer of something without need for compensation. It is a voluntary act, which is done without expectation of reciprocity and therefore meant to be free.

Gaspar/Casper (Jasper), Balthasar/Baltazar, and Melchior also referred to as the Magi, followed a star and came bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the infant child Jesus. They play an integral part in the central theme of Christmas story and their act launched it THE gift-giving season for all of time.

Biblical scholars studied these gifts and came to conclude that although they were common gifts meant for a King; but the actual currency value of their gifts as described in the scrolls was miniscule. Myrrh was anointing/embalming oil, Frankincense was perfume and Gold was given as a valuable. The general consensus was that these gifts were actually more prophetic emblems in nature. Gold symbolized kingship on earth, the perfume was for priesthood and the oil was for suffering.

The subject of gifts is as large as it is ambiguous, but clarity in its giving as well as its receiving can be universally guided by the story. As anything can be a gift, the giver should always keep in mind that the price is inconsequential. It is only the monetary measure of what one can afford at a given time. It is never wrong for a wealthy man to befit a small treasure to someone close to him because of honest affection or endearment but neither is it more trivial if an ordinary man bestows handwritten cards to his hearts mate.

In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Although this metaphor explains the central struggle of the characters, the root of its metaphor pertains to the act of gifting with a rose. The rose could have been called any other name, but its visual beauty and the real sweetness of its scent still is a powerful vehicle for delivering the message of deep undying love that has lasted through the ages.

Flowers are good samples of traditional gifts of relatively low monetary cost. Their raw natural beauty has been cherished since time began and soon meanings were put into each and this language of flowers making them gifts for all occasions. They can be picked off a field of wrapped in colorful paper, giving a note with it multiplies the emotion and having delivered halfway across the globe with a click will still make the act meaningful and never less romantic. Do not think for one moment that it is an intention of this article to change the entire gift economy to promote only gifts with profound meaning but rather this is a simple reminder that our gesture of giving a piece of joy should be laid with the intention that value of each gift is the actually the message. And as receivers, let that value be the same.

A writer, TV host, poet and web contributor, Morgan O. Smith wrote: IS THE VALUE IN THE GIFT, OR IN THE THOUGHT. If you receive a gift low in value is it the thought that counts or is it the gift itself? If he buys you diamonds, does it really express true love or is it just an exhibition of his wealth? A prosperous man can buy you possessions and his love could fall short, but a man who's indigent can give you the shirt off his back and his love could last you a lifetime.

Proof if Christmas Story really happened is not as important as the universal lesson found in it. This is the lesson of how to give and as far as gifts will go, it is not the medium that is priceless; rather the medium is the message.

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