Couples Therapy and Other Tips for a Happy Marriage

By admin / July 12, 2011
By: Trevor Tileston
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Every relationship is a mystery of joy and tears, moments of bliss and frustration, highs and lows and everything in between. Though nobody can say what makes each relationship work, for better or worse, researchers are learning more and more about what it takes to make a healthy relationship. Like any garden, happiness needs to be tended, whether that means dinner and flowers, couples therapy to clear the air, or wine country. Whatever it takes, your relationship is worth all the marriage counseling necessary.

Talking is Good, Silence Speaks Wonders

While it's important to be able to talk to your mate about anything on your mind, healthy couples also recognize the benefits of silence, the ability to simply sit and quietly share a moment. Information and talk can paralyze couples. It's important to be able to share, but that also means sharing the quiet. Let your moments together be as they are. Don't feel you have to fill the air with conversation just to feel connected. Sometimes, simply being together is enough.

Never Stop Dating

Think you stop dating because you get married? Think again. That kind of attitude is a first class ticket to stodginess and boring matrimony. As you share your lives, remember to find special moments, whether that's a classic dinner and dancing, or Chicago pizza and a movie for two. Make time for each other and plan a hot date to NYC. Take each other out and have fun.

Do the Dishes and Clean Your Socks

Okay, so relationships aren't all about dazzle, candle lights and romance. It's also about the picky details: cleaning beard hair from the sink, doing dishes at least once a day, not letting laundry pile up. The tidier the day to day things become, the less stress there will be on the relationship. It's easy to be romantic when the house is clean and the dishwasher's humming like Barry Manilow on low.

Group Effort, But Everyone's Got Their Specialty

Remember that building a life is a group effort with both couples meeting responsibilities. It's important to share the load equally. At the same time, each partner has their specialties to contribute to the relationship. One may be more money focused while the other is a neat freak. It's okay to specialize in roles, but keep the work even handed.

Clear the Air and Work It Out

Any relationship will have its bumps. What's important is the communication that happens as a result. Share worries, concerns and disappointments in the open. If necessary, marriage counseling can be a great way to clear the air and work things out. Couples therapy can be a great way of getting to the heart of the matter for the health of the relationship.

Trevor Tileston is the author of this article and a specialist offering NYC Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling Chicago.

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