Main Causes of Stress

By admin / October 18, 2007
By: Dr Peter Lind
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Lifes pressures produce internal reactions in our subconscious of which we are totally unaware. This we call stress. Think about stress as the response of the body to any demand made upon it. This is the main cause of EMOTIONAL stress.

Bear in mind that there are the other two causes of stress: PHYSICAL and NUTRITIONAL. This article will deal with emotional stress.

We are all under pressure. We all have internal reactions to those pressures and all of us will have physical symptoms in response to those inner feelings. This leads to Defense. We become defensive. Defense is good. It keeps us from being overcome by a particular stress. But you cant stay in defense forever, can you?

Lets go a little deeper and talk about your Emotions. These are the mental arrangements of stress and defense. Displaced emotions, the ones that cause undesired outcomes like anger, may be emotions that you are unaware of. Often, these are usually things relatively unimportant like traffic jams and spilled cups of coffee. Many times people dont know how angry they really are inside. What would happen if we lived the emotion: really felt it and experienced it? Would it be so bad after all?

Emotions generated in the subconscious mind remain there. These feelings are the result of a complicated interaction between different parts of our minds and between the mind and the outside world. Many are unpleasant, painful or embarrassing, and in some way unacceptable to us or society, so we repress them. We push them down deep so we dont have to experience them.

Anxiety, anger, low self-esteem are the strongest emotions we deal with. They are repressed because the mind doesnt want us to experience them, nor does it want them to be seen by the outside world. Tension is the unconscious repressed, unacceptable emotions. And this we feel in our body; the physical representation of emotional stress.

So our mind gives us something to do: it gives you a symptom to deal with. But if you look, these symptoms exist to serve a purpose. If you thwart that purpose by taking away the symptoms without dealing with its cause, the brain will simply find another substitute symptom or disorder.

Its a game our mind plays with us. Its either:
a. deal with the emotion that you want to bury, or
b. deal with a symptom.

But take your pick; its one or the other.

If you learn how to deal with stress and emotions, you can literally alter your physical reality. You can change a life of chronic pain. You can become free to resume a life that does not include drugs. If you can get a handle on emotional stress not only will your mind become clear but your body will thank you.

Stress, defense, and unwanted emotions are not bad. Theyre just there waiting for you to take action. What are they saying to you? Youve got to address them. The first step is becoming aware. The next step is recognizing that there are steps to take to release them from your life.

How do I do that, you ask. Im glad you did.

Dr Peter Lind is a practicing chiropractor utilizing newly developed procedures and protocols to remove the affects of stress on the body. He continues helping hundreds of people on his website

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