When a family history of depression gets you down

By admin / March 24, 2008
By: Jennifer Baxt
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It is not uncommon for a family to have a history of depression. There are many cases where an individual who is suffering from depression does not appear to have an actual reason for suffering the depression. This is where this person's family history can help them out. There are some people who appear to be genetically depressed, meaning that their family history shows that previous generations appear to have suffered the same problems. Genetic depression is still far from being fully understood. Studies are still being done in order to understand how genetic depression is passed down and how it can be treated in people before it becomes a real problem.

Having a family history of depression does not necessarily mean that the person will suffer depression, though if a person does worry that they might have depression it might not hurt to consult a therapist or counselor about it. It is possible for a person to be a little anxious over the idea that they might slump into a depression that can ruin their lives as it possibly did for their parent and/or grandparent. The therapist or counselor will help the patient see that worry about such a thing will only bring about needless anxiety that will only put the person through unnecessary stress. This stress can build and can quite possibly eventually lead to an onset of depression. The person who worries can also consult an online therapist or an online counselor and ask the professional questions regarding what is worrying them. The online therapist or counselor can then calm the patient's fears about them possibly having depression. Suggestions and/or advice might be given that can aid the person in trying to avoid falling into a state of depression, how to calm down and how to deal with the stresses in their lives before the stresses get to much.

Anyone who has a family that has a history of depression does not necessarily mean that the individual will ultimately suffer depression. It does, however, show that the person might have an increased risk of developing depression at some time in their life. With the knowledge about their family history, they can start finding ways to avoid depression early in their life. A therapist or a counselor can help the person learn how to deal with the stresses of everyday life, their anxiety and any depression they might be experiencing already. Doing this can give the person a better chance of warding off serious or deep depression that they might develop later in life if they didn't take measures to prevent it. Expecting it and preparing for it can actually help the person focus on taking control of their life and putting more effort into making the life they want. Being more optimistic and happy can go a long way to helping the person avoid falling into depression. Early help from a therapist or counselor, whether it is online therapy or therapy in person, can also help a person prepare for their life and keep out the stresses and/or anxieties that can push them into depression.

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