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By admin / September 10, 2009
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More people are dealing with depression than ever before. The sales of antidepressant drugs are up. So why are more and more people dealing with depression? Well, the main reason may be their method of treatment. Many drugs are taken by those trying to treat depression, but often medications don't work.

Considering the side effects of anti-depressants, it would make more sense to exercise. Plus, think of all the added benefits of exercising versus taking pills. One, you might lose weight, sleep better and feel better about yourself.

Bright Light Therapy. Originally a test and treatment for depressed pregnant woman, the Bright Light Therapy has also been used to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder), where the sufferer has a depression due to the season's lack of sunlight.

Another anti-depression herbal remedy is the valerian herb, usually recommended in the treatment of sleep disorders and nervous instability. Valerian is a mild sedative with soothing effects on the nervous system. Valerian can be used in tea form or as tincture whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress or strong emotions that get out of control.

If you're depressed and you've never been much of an athlete, it can be hard for you to get started with working out, so try to get a friend to work out with you for at least the first few weeks while you get used to it.

When you are looking for natural ways to treat depression, you will find that dietary supplements and herbal remedies can be the way to go. St John's wort is perhaps the most commonly prescribed herbal supplement for depression, with SAM-e being a close second.

A very important feature of this natural method is the fact that it must be done on a regular basis and not in fits and starts if it is to be helpful. A daily program should be inculcated and should be kept up. Along with this program, you can add other things like meditation, which is known to clear your mind and fill it with peaceful and soothing thoughts.

Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 have long been known to assist in hormone balance, to level moodiness and to provide energy. Special diets have also proven to positively effect depressive disorders. Diets that call for foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish are especially helpful to those who are often depressed. Research has shown that many depressed patients are difficient in the EPA fatty acid found in fish.

The evening primrose oil supplements the production of gamma-linolenic acid, the deficiency of which has been found to cause PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), which also causes anxiety and depression in some women. There is also the 5-HTP herbal derivative that when taken, is converted to serotonin that controls mood stages and swings.

Of course a natural cure for depression must also include a good quality supplement. It is much easier for you to choose to eat healthy foods and exercise when you are feeling good about your life. Do this by giving your brain the nutrients to produce the feel-good neurotransmitters that will create motivation and a healthy outlook on life.

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