Quality Questions Create a Quality Life

By admin / August 21, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Questions beginning with "why" are very useful. I am reminded of a child who at about four years of age begins to learn the power of asking "why?" about simply everything. "Why have we stopped the car?" asks the child. "Because the lights are on red" says dad. "Why are they red?" "To ensure that people from either direction can take turns to drive along here" is the reply. "Why?" asks the child. Getting a little exasperated, dad says "because otherwise the traffic would get blocked and no-body would get to work". "Why would the traffic get blocked?"...These questions just go on and on and on!

Every four year old goes through this phase. They recognize and lock onto the power which this one little word provides. A child who has just got to grips with "Why?" will just keep on asking until both mum and dad run out of answers and finally say "because it is" or something such like! Many adults have forgotten how powerful this word is. By asking why, you begin to explore and make new discoveries. A child who asks this type of question is trying to learn about the world and to test their boundaries. If you do not ask "why?" you will not learn; in asking questions which begin with "why?" you open up infinite opportunities.

For an adult, to ask "why?" is also very useful when looking within. Instead of saying or thinking to yourself "I always do it that way", you can find out a lot about yourself when you instead ask yourself why you always do it that way. You can always of course ask yourself why you do not do things differently, or what is stopping you from doing such and such.

And so "why?" is a great question and "what is stopping you?" is also a very enlightening question to ask of oneself. I find that a lot of people think "this is how I am"; merely by asking "Why are you like you are?" you will at least get to a point where you are introducing the possibility of change. If you would like to make any sort of changes in your life, just think of the tenacious four year old who just keeps on asking "why?" and apply the same principles to yourself.

Think of the phrase "a train of thought" and imagine that you are in the rear carriage of the train. Ask yourself the first question beginning with "why?" and as you discover the answer, imagine yourself moving forwards into the next carriage. Keep on asking "why?" thereby digging deeper into the inner recesses of your mind, and you will discover more and more about yourself and about how your mind works to shape your reality. As you answer each question, move to the next carriage and ask "why?" again.

By repeating this process you will eventually reach the engine of your train. Only Then will you be able to change your direction and drive your own train. By asking quality questions you will create a quality life. "Why?" and "What's stopping you?" are probably two of the most powerful questions you can ask.

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