How To Stop Putting off The Inevitable

By admin / June 28, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Everybody procrastinates from time to time, more so when you either don't want to do something or if you don't know how to set about doing it. But we do also know that procrastination predetermines failure and so it is extremely important to make a serious effort to overcome it.

Procrastination can also take many forms in the sense that we are usually quite adept in thinking up various plausible excuses to explain why we should not or could not do such and such today or tomorrow or whatever other day. There's no point in starting a diet on a Thursday when you know you are going out over the weekend, is there? And it would be totally senseless to go to the gym and get hot and bothered before work; but after work is not the right time either, as you are so tired and haven't got enough energy. And besides, there's not time left in the evenings.

You get the drift. We are great at finding what appear to be good reasons for putting things off. At work we can find ourselves too busy with day-to-day tasks to start that project which we should have begun last month. When we put our minds to it we have the ability to build many a solid case against doing those other things which we know we should be doing.

But whenever we procrastinate, no matter how good a case we build in its support, we also feel a little bit guilty; there's a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that you've not really done what you should have been doing. It's not a big enough feeling, however, to motivate us into action. Unfortunately it is only when it is too late that we fully appreciate the price which we have paid for all that procrastination.

Once you become aware that your temperament allows you to procrastinate a little more than is desirable, it's worth thinking about ways in which you can get around your issues. How can you stop procrastinating? How can you motivate yourself better so that your potential benefits of getting the job done outweigh the fear or effort which your mind perceives?

It is important to really think about those benefits and magnify them in your mind and start to experience those bonuses in your imagination. Imagination paves the way to success. This is a phrase which you have probably heard before; in fact you have no doubt heard it said several times over...because it is the truth.

It is also important to identify your fears and doubts, which may have been holding you back, and to tackle them head on. By this I mean you need to discover where those fears and doubts have come from. Upon what are those assumptions based? Because more often than not, when one tackles this type of introspection you realize that your fears and doubts are usually utterly groundless.

You may also discover that procrastination has become a habit. It's how you have come to expect yourself to be. Habits can be changed and hypnosis can be a very great help in this task. Hypnosis provides access to your subconscious mind, which are the part of your mind that acts automatically and spontaneously; it is the part where habits are stored.

Hypnosis can also assist in the process of introspection as you can dig down to discover the root causes of worries, fears and procrastination. When in hypnosis your more creative mind becomes more accessible and so your imagination is more easily fired. And so you will also be able to build your motivation as you more easily visualize the rewards which you will experience once you stop procrastinating once and for all.

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