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By admin / June 13, 2007
By: Ron Lonsdale
Category: Leadership

Gaining knowledge to improve our lives is one of the fundamentals of success. We need a variety of different learning experiences to grow and develop not just academic specialized knowledge. Examples of this would be learning new attitudes and characteristics of successful people. Or getting specific information related to a business system or product. Many people make long distance calls to the USA from Australia to join in conference calls, teleseminars and webinars. Many wealth creation, success technologies, property investing and multi-level marketing systems rely heavily on conference calls to get information to their audience as quickly and as effectively as possible. In fact some of the Independent Business Operators make most money and markup from the educational products. Network 21 is the main educational and motivational arm of Quixtar/Amway. Teleclasses and teleconferencing are effective because they make group discussions easy. They allow everyone to hear everyone else and allow a high level of interaction between the presenter and the people dialing in. Teleseminars are usually bigger and have many more attendees. The audience is often "muted out" otherwise the background noise of hundreds of people makes it impossible to hear! Some of the most popular training, seminars and conference calls are delivered by multilevel or network marketing organizations such as Nu Skin or Pharmanex; Sisel or Teamsizzle; Herbalife; Usana; Noni and Mannatech. Many internet marketing seminars are delivered by conference calls and deal with how to write better copy, how to use adwords and be successful in ecommerce online. The conference calls often require that you should be on the telephone for 1 or sometimes 2 hours. They frequently have long question and answer times and can run to 3 hours. Making these international calls for so long can be very expensive unless you use a phone card or telephone calling card. Although the best solution for these very long calls is to use a phone card you need to be careful to choose the correct phone card because not all phone cards can dial in to conference calls. You dont want to find this out just as the conference call starts! The best thing to do is get comprehensive information on the phone card you are thinking of using from a website such as so that you dont make a mistake and get stuck with a phone card that cant connect to conference calls. You also want to get the cheapest call rate so that you can stay on the conference call for the whole time. To call the USA from Australia can cost as little as 70 cents an hour! About the author: To make sure you get a phone card that can connect to your conference call and will give you the longest call time visit Ephonecards to use their free phone card selection service.

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