Leadership: The One Crucial Question

By admin / August 30, 2007
By: Harald Anderson
Category: Leadership

The past few years have shown me many ups and downs. I have experienced success but also faced my share of setbacks and obstacles. A recent disappointment made me pause and reflect. It was like going through an emotional avalanche as I confronted the reality that my dreams and deepest desires were perhaps not going to get me the results that I had planned for. Imagine my frustration! I had reached a point in my business that was so near victory that I could almost taste it! And from that point of almost manifesting my visions to have to confront the reality of giving up on the dream was very disappointing and confusing. Its like having to quit a race after almost reaching the finishing line! We can dream and plan all we want but sometimes life has its own plans. I was very tempted to wallow in self-pity or make excuses for my plans not having worked out. I also had the temptation to rationalize my failure and convince myself that my goals in themselves were unimportant. However, I have learned something important over the years. When life does not go as we had planned, we must ask ourselves one very powerful question and then move on. It is unfortunate that most people prefer to complain or rationalize their failures rather than apply this simple rule. There is true magic in asking this question after any experience that life has thrown at you. In fact, its handy in any sphere of life not just business. It is losers that complain about their defeats. Winners always ask themselves this vital question. ‘What can this experience teach me? What must I learn from this? Merely asking this question can turn your focus from the failure and re-channel your energies to the various possible solutions that can help you go ahead in your endeavor. Once I had asked myself this question, my energies refocused on re-educating myself and upgrading my skills rather than lamenting the past. Heres the million dollar question - "What can you learn from this experience?" This simple exercise can truly empower you. And your brain will be gushing with new ideas. It would help if you have a notebook and pen handy at such a time to jot down all your brainwaves. You have failed only if you learn nothing from your experience! If you face all disappointments and setbacks with the attitude that you can learn something from them, then success will inevitably be yours! About the author: Harald Anderson is the co-founder of artinspires.com one of the internets leading sports motivational posters galleries. His goal in life is to become the kind of person his dog already thinks he is. Military Art

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