Leadership: Intelligent Delegation

By admin / February 22, 2008
By: Harald Anderson
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Delegation is essentially being able to let go - to let some of the power out of your hands and into the hands of someone else. This is a very hard thing to do for some people, but it is imperative for a leader to be able to delegate. It also creates leverage over what actually gets produced. Great leaders instinctively understand that they can accomplish much more when they empower others to assist. Implementing these ideas creates the discipline that can move mountains. Here are the important things to think about when you are preparing to delegate: 1. Know that the person you are going to delegate work to sees this as an opportunity to move up and be rewarded for work well done. 2. Before handing the job to the employee and sending them on their way, work with them. Make sure they are trained to do the job. 3. The employee should know what you expect from them. You should make sure the results you want to see are put in writing for that employee. 4. Know what the strong points of your people are, so you know how to delegate certain roles. 5. Once you delegate a portion of the job to one person, give them the authority to be in charge of that part of the project. 6. Make sure there are set rules for your expectations while working towards the goals. 7. Make sure your people know they can come to you if they need anything. 8. Make sure to supervise and check up to see what is being done and that it is what you expected. You should put time and thought to go into delegating work before you give jobs out. Make sure you are confident the person you are giving a job to can accomplish the work you expect of them. You may want to hope for more than the best from a person, but that does not mean they will deliver it. Know the jobs you are planning to delegate and have your delegation plan with you. That way as you talk to a person you will begin to get a feel of whether of not they will be a fit for the delegation. If not, you need to choose someone else, even if they are a good person and have a good personality. They have to be able to do the job. After you have chosen the person for a delegation, sit down with them. Make sure they know your expectations in detail, and understand the results they are to achieve. While talking over your expectations is good, nothing is better than putting it in writing. Make sure you give your person a written copy of your expectations. Also, give them the assignment of putting their own action plan in writing. Look at their plan and go over all the details of it with them Once you have agreed on the plan, give them permission to go forward. Make sure to follow up from time to time and make sure things are on the right path. By following these guidelines, you should have more success in delegating in the future, growing your leadership abilities. About the author: Harald Anderson is the co-founder of http://www.artinspires.com a leading motivational posters gallery specializing in leadership gifts.

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