Universal Law of Attraction – Attracting Your Dreams in a Big Way

By: Michael Lee
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The universal law of attraction is the greatest of the ancient and unchanging basic laws that rule the universe. The universal law of attraction, basically, is "like attracting like." If you think it, it will come to pass.

All of us are made up of energy. We have within us the same atoms and molecules that comprise the universe. As such, we are interconnected, and whatever energy we send out--whether positive or negative--will reel in energy similar to it.

The universal law of attraction is set in motion when what had been an idea is turned into a dream, and then guided to fruition by your actions or the steps you take to achieve it.

Perhaps you are familiar with the potency of positive thinking. That is precisely what this is. It is all in the mind, as the famous proverb goes.

As potent and effective as possessing this point of view is, the same thing is true for the opposite. If you ruminate way too much on the negative and persistently get anxious about anything and everything, then the negative aspects will manifest themselves to you.

Contrary to that, if you go about life in a perennial state of positivity and affirmation, then those are the sorts of vibes you are sending out to the rest of humanity. The world will then pick up on those vibrations, and other people will react in kind.

In Paulo Coelho's acclaimed book, The Alchemist, the weathered king tells the shepherd boy, "When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it." This is the true meat of the universal law of attraction. It's not a matter of "if" you will attain what you want. Instead, it is "when" your deepest wishes will come your way.

According to the universal law of attraction, you hold the power to make things real merely by focusing on it. It just might be cliché to you, but just about anything is possible if you think about it with passion. If you can keep it in your thoughts, you can have it, do whatever you want, or become whoever you want to become.

Reserve no room for fear and negativity, or these distressing mindsets will rule over your life and tag along like a storm cloud. Do not doubt for a split second that your dreams will come to pass. If you are completely and utterly sure that they will materialize, then trust that it will really turn real.

But don't just sit on your laurels absorbing everything that comes your way. Take command and draw toward yourself all the success and prosperity the universe has prepared for you. Though you may not know it yet, you are in complete control of your choices.

But how exactly do you think your way to success? Concentrate on your goal, believe it is within your grasp, and visualize your achievement of it. Experience it in your mind--the feeling of it in your fingers, having it so close you can actually smell it, and the exhilaration of realizing it is yours for the taking. Allow yourself to have this positive mindset and you will attract similarly positive effects.

In film, the difference between drama and melodrama is that with the latter, the situation affects the characters. With drama, as opposed to melodrama, the characters themselves control their own circumstances. Just like in the universal law of attraction, you take hold of your own reality; just like in a movie, you create your own lovely endings.

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