The Magic Lottery Ticket – Master the Law of attraction quickly and easily

By: Robert S Maggs
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Are you frustrated by not having the things you want? Does each day pass and you get no closer to achieving your dreams? The great news is you can change your life to how you really want it, and get the lover, house, car, money or indeed whatever you want. The universe has whatever you desire in stock, and all you have to do is to put your order in and await delivery!

The following exercise will help you to get whatever you really want, make your dreams become reality and all it takes is a little dedication and daily practice. You may want to try a small experiment first, something that would be easy to achieve before you put your order in for a small island in the South Pacific or a Hollywood Mansion.

Starting off small makes a lot of sence too as doing so will serve to reinforce your belief in the following system. At first you may be cynical (you'll need to learn to trust the universe) and it may take a while before you get the things you want. Unfortunately some people give up just before their dreams start to come true, but for those of you who persist with the following exercise,the universe truly has some wonderful things in store for you.

The Technique

Find a regular time each day when you are unlikely to be disturbed, lie down in a darkened room and and make yourself comfortable. Loosen any clothing, close your eyes and relax.

If you have a Brain Entrainment CD to assist you to get into a state of meditation put your headphones on and start your CD.(Moonfish-Design has a selection of free and commercial products specifically for this purpose)

Allow yourself to clear your mind (this can be achieved quite easily by focusing on the tones being played through your headphones) if you don't have the facility to play a CD or MP3 an alternative method (which is also very effective) would be to focus on a simple two dimensional shape ( a circle for example) and hold your focus on the shape. You will most probably find that your mind starts to wander, whenever this happens focus on the tones or shape again. With practice clearing your mind will get easier, so make sure you persevere with the exercise.

After a while you may start to feel that you are no longer connected with your body as all physical sensations fade away. Imagine the thing you truly want, try to visualize your desire in finite detail and in three dimensions. Focus on the object, the colours in the scene, the lighting, the time of year, the feeling of the wind on your face etc. Use your five senses, smell the air, touch the object of your desire, what does it feel like? Make the scene as real as it can be. If the thing you want is a car imagine sitting in it, driving it, how do you feel? What do your emotions tell you?

What can you do to make this dream reality? think of the ways the object could come into your life. I usually visualize a lottery ticket with all of the winning numbers and see myself claiming my cosmic prize. The Law of Attraction will always deliver what you want, so be sure you make your wish carefully!

See yourself getting exactly what you want, believe it is yours and it will be, the more you believe it, the more your subconscious mind will be able to accept it and you will become aligned with the universe.

Make your visualization as enjoyable as possible, congratulate yourself for getting something you truly wanted and deserved. This emotional assosciation is important and will give power to your visualization and breathe life into it. Keep the visualization going for at least 15 minutes and then slowly rise from your meditation.

When you retire at night think about what you desire whilst preparing for sleep and give silent thanks to the universe for helping you to realize your desires. If you wake during the night bring the image of your desire back into your mind and keep it there as long as you are awake.

When you wake the following morning do the exercise again and think about what you want frequently during the day. Make a point of being positive and give thanks once again to the universe for helping you. Maintaining a positive attitude will start to have great effect in all areas of your life and you will be open and receptive to opportunities that you were previously unaware of. Your overall attitude will be one of confidence and self-assurance, you will be focused and able to get whatever you truly want from life.

The more you live this dream the closer you get to making it reality.

I bet you didn't realize it could be so simple ;)

© Rob Maggs 2007

Moonfish Design.

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