Learn to Attract Men – Seduction Techniques that You Can Start Applying Tonight

By: Caterina Christakos
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Attracting and seducing men is not as difficult as many of us make it out to be. As women, we naturally send out signals. The key is to know when to send them out and which ones to use. Watch any movie and the woman will show her interest in her man in several ways - meeting his eyes, leaning in to hear what he is saying, licking her lips, crossing her legs, twirling her hair around her finger, etc.. We do this naturally, even unconsciously.

Well why not make these natural signals conscious? If there is someone who has caught your eye, instead of looking away meet his gaze and hold it. Give him a smile or nod your head at him in passing. Men are so used to being rejected that these small signs that you are open to his approach will be welcomed with open arms.

There are secrets to attract men, as well. Things that you can do to be instantly more attractive to men. Some of these secrets involve the way you dress and apply your makeup, some involve the type of scent that you use and how you apply it and some involve more indepth seduction techniques and body language.

If you want to seduce men you must first be convinced that you are seductive. You must be absolutely convinced that you are the most beautiful woman out there. Now I can almost hear some of you saying," Yeah, right." Many of you probably believe that you must be a certain weight, height, etc to get the man of your dreams.

I am here to tell you that you do not have to look like a supermodel to be the most beautiful, sexy and attention getting woman in the room. How many models have you heard of that have not only gotten their man but kept them? Not many. They have the look but haven't taken the time to enhance their other assets.

Your look is a very small part of your whole seduction package. A truly seductive woman has many tools in her arsenal. She knows how to get his interest and to keep it focused on her alone. She knows how to get a man to cross a room just to speak to her, and how to get him to call her that night. Before she leaves her home to go out, she is confident of how the evening will end. Part of this is confidence, gained from living the part of seduction diva, and part of it is the use of visualization techniques.

The good news is that all of these techniques can be taught.

Here is an example of a visualization technique that I teach my clients:

Imagine that it is the end of the night. You have just come after meeting a wonderful man and the phone is already ringing. He is calling to wish you a good night, tell you how glad he is that you met and he is asking you out on your first date.

Now picture everything that had to occur from the time that you left your house to that point. Where did you meet? What was the exchange of body language, small talk, etc..? Did his eyes meet yours? What did you do? What did he do? Imagine it all down to the last detail. Caterina Christakos is a published author and dating coach.

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