Hypnosis Is Real

By admin / April 3, 2012

The subject of hypnosis is one that naturally seems to attract a high degree of dissention and controversy. Many people quite simply do not think that there is such a thing as hypnosis. They think that it is a trick show, a con, something which people just go along with for a laugh.

But then there are others who do believe that hypnosis is indeed real, but are not quite sure how to go about proving it. The proof of the pudding for them is in the eating. They have tried hypnosis for themselves and found it to work. But they find it difficult to prove its efficacy to others who are less positive and more doubting.

They see those other people as negative and unwilling to see things from a different viewpoint, fearful of trying something different or even giving it a chance. But those who argue that hypnosis is just a figment of one’s imagination will reply that it's just a placebo and those who think it's working for them are simply very gullible and suggestible.

For those who have used hypnosis effectively and are living proof of its value, it can be more than a little frustrating to hear these arguments being voiced time and again. Like anything that is seemingly subjective or intangible, hypnosis can be rather difficult to prove, other than in the reality of the outcomes achieved through its use.

Few people realize that there is medical research that proves that hypnosis itself is real. In 2009 researchers at Hull University in the UK found that hypnosis has a "real brain effect". These researchers employed brain-scanning equipment whilst subjects were requested to undergo certain activities using hypnosis.

This research points to the fact that rather than the individual subject purely being suggestible, hypnosis "primes" the brain to be open to suggestion. This is the conclusion that Dr. Michael Heap came to as a result of this study.

In fact, the study leader Dr. William McGeown also noted that their research shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation. In effect this 2009 study shows hypnosis is real. And this puts paid to the other argument that many non-believers proffer against hypnosis; that it is just relaxation.

It is good for us all to see this type of research being conducted. Hypnosis is a very real therapeutic aid and can be employed to achieve a good many benefits in both mind and body. Hypnosis should not be scoffed at or ignored. Rather, hypnosis should, and is, being used by a massively increasing number of people worldwide.

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