You Can be Peaceful

By admin / July 29, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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In recent years there has been an increase worldwide in the number of people who are troubled by emotional problems. More and more people are lonely, depressed, worried, nervous, fearful, more impulsive, and aggressive and so on. In a community where we have so much, one would think that everyone should be relaxed, peaceful and satisfied. Every time you turn on the TV or open a newspaper, all that is seen and heard seems to be negative and frightening.

It is clear that these emotional issues impact not only upon the person experiencing them, but also on everybody around them and the associated problems tend to escalate until they get completely out of hand like a snowball gathering snow and speed as it rolls down a hill. The ease of communication in this day and age allows negativity, as well as positivity, to be transmitted and passed on at an alarming rate.

How can we tackle this problem of emotional negativity? What can be done to reverse this trend? We can learn emotional intelligence ourselves and teach it to our children as well.

The trend over the last few years has been to emphasize the importance of IQ, the importance of proving how intelligent we are by gaining degrees and such like. There has been a trend towards earning as much as possible at the expense of enjoying life and being happy. We earn more money so we can have a bigger house, or more cars, so that we can drive to work separately and no longer spend as much time together! We drive instead of walk and then go to the gym to try to lose weight! Both parents go to work to earn more money and have a so-called better standard of living, whilst the children are left with carers...and so on. This system works positively for some, but not for others. And if we don't go along with the trends of society we can feel left out, and different, which creates another set of emotional issues.

Howard Gardener, psychologist at the Harvard School of Education, has made the observation that the single most important contribution education can make to a child's development is to help her towards a field where her talents best suit her, where she will be satisfied and competent. And as a society, it is abundantly clear that we have completely lost sight of this.

The fact that emotional issues are a growing problem proves to us that it's not something we are born with. Yes, our genes provide us with emotional set points which determine our temperament, but these set points are not rigid; rather, they are adaptable to the environment we are exposed to. We learn methods and ways of dealing with things as we grow up, we watch how our elders deal with things and copy them. The way in which the people around you contain their emotions will impact on the methods which you learn to use in similar situations.

Human beings and the human mind are naturally and amazingly adaptable. Originally, human beings only had the emotional regions of the brain; over time, the logical thinking, the rational, higher functions of the brain developed. Our emotions are generated instinctively; they are the feelings that appear by impulse. The development of higher brain functions allows the human mind to learn to control these more basic impulses, these instincts.

Thus the ability to control ones emotions is something which is learned, rather than something you are born with. You can learn self-control, self-restraint and empathy. You can learn how to be peaceful, satisfied and happy, and hypnosis downloads can be used to make this learning curve easy, quick and effective.

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