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By admin / April 17, 2012

When you put yourself down you set in motion a cycle of negative effect. From an individual perspective you will find it more difficult to achieve many things but there is also a detrimental impact upon those who surround you. Other people will frequently, unconsciously or consciously, privately or overtly, put you down too.

There will of course be friends and family members who love you and fight your corner and stand up for you. They will constantly tell you not to put yourself down. They will tell you how intelligent you are, how beautiful you are and how proud they are of you.

But if you don't believe them their support and encouragement has little impact upon your psyche. And your constant denial of your own abilities inevitably unconsciously rubs off upon even your most loving supporters.

Life is not as enjoyable, happy or easy when you put yourself down. Everything becomes a struggle and an effort. You avoid many things as well. Whenever a person starts a thought with "I can't do this" or "I'm no good at that" they effectively place a huge barrier between them and that which they might wish to do, be or achieve.

My father used to say, "there's no such word as can't". He did not allow us to use that word, or at the very least he poked fun at us when we did attempt to utilize it. This I think is a helpful way to remind yourself not to put yourself down. Whenever you catch yourself thinking or saying anything that begins with "I can't" you could remind yourself that there is no such word in the English vocabulary.

In this way you force yourself to change the thought for something better. "I don't want to" or "I don't think I can do" are more malleable phrases and allow you to at least begin to think in a more positive way. "I can't" is final. "I don't think I can" leaves you room to change your mind and find a way to feel that you can do whatever it is.

Once you begin to think about ways in which you can change there are many things that might assist. Instead of putting yourself down, you can discover new ways through which you can build yourself up. You soon discover that in most areas of life, if you think that you can do something you will be able to, whereas if you think you can't you won't be able to. How you think about yourself dictates the outcome that you experience.

Confidence in yourself is so very important. It is pivotal to success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, feeling constrained or feeling free to fully experience what life has to offer. There are many methods that you can employ so as to help build confidence and hypnosis is one of these.

Hypnosis is very powerful because it allows you to access the inner workings of your mind and adjust the deep-rooted beliefs and expectations that are stored therein. Hypnosis is natural and easy to use and all too frequently misunderstood and therefore overlooked.

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