Dare To Dream

By admin / March 25, 2012

Every child has a dream. We don't just have one dream. We have many dreams. As children our imaginations may even seem to run wild with the dreams that can feel so very real.

Children play with toys that are intended to encourage their imaginations to take flight. A vast part of a child's early experience is spent in dreaming. We learn through those dreams. We progress through allowing ourselves to imagine something and then trying to make that dream come true.

As children grow into adulthood many of these dreams become tempered by reality. More focus tends to be spent on the acquisition of logical skills as opposed to allowing flights of imagination to remain of prime importance.

Some people's reality becomes so constrictive that they no longer dare to dream. Others hang onto their dreams but in a kind of fuzzy way, pushed to the back of their minds. A lucky few dare to live their dream.

As young children we do not know that there are risks associated with dreaming. Fear of loss only comes once you realize that it is possible to lose. How we respond to loss depends on the individual. Some people stop trying whilst others try harder.

Many adults find themselves in a position whereby they come to realize that they have given up on their dreams. Life has become a daily routine with no real goal at the end and perhaps no real enjoyment along the way. At the opposite end of the scale, some people cling so determinedly to their dreams that all they have time for it that end goal, eschewing reality along the way.

Somewhere in the middle there are those who manage to strike a happy balance between dreaming and reality. They haven't lost their dreams and yet their feet remain firmly planted upon the ground of reality. They haven't become disillusioned. Rather, they have adapted their dreams to fit with their reality and also adapted their reality to suit their dreams.

To make your dreams come true your imagination and reality have to find a way in which to co-exist. In point of fact imagination paves the way to making that dream come true. Your dreams shape the reality that you experience. This is why it is so very important not to give up. Everyone should dare to dream. Without a dream you lose the light that illuminates life and creates happiness, fun and success.

If you would like to encourage in yourself the revival of your natural instinct to dream you will find self-hypnosis a helpful form of assistance. In hypnosis your creative mind comes to the fore. You can with hypnosis add extra impact to your dreams as they become firmly fixed in your subconscious mind.

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