How Bad a Beating Are You Willing to Take to get Wired?

By admin / December 9, 2006
By: Marc Stewart
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How Bad a Beating Are You Willing to Take to get Wired?

This is your personal guide to wired. It is the naturally occurring force of nature that needs no name yet one was given in 1957 in the form of Schumann's resonance.

You want to be successful right? You want to have lots of friends and enjoy life accomplishing all your goals. What if you worked best with your own mind through your access to the super consciousness often called Schumann's resonance? It naturally circulates between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. Sending out communications to all life forms on the planet.

When conditions are favorable it is this super consciousness that provides its guiding intelligence to assist for instance the budding oak tree. For ease of explanation this Schumann's resonance, this super conscious mind, found making up the theta brainwaves in the human brain I have called the wired or Frances to personify it. Every living thing is connected to its rhythm of life, its planetary heartbeat. Setting the stage for untold human personal growth.

The animal kingdoms interconnection with wired are seen in the characteristics and survival actions of different animals and mammals. Such as the unique ability of the cat's eyes as the pupils enlarge to see in the dark. Far from Darwin's theory it is not natural selection but the predetermined design of the wired. Like the design and function of a rabbit and a kangaroos long hind legs. Also the ability of a gaggle of geese to utilize the wired intelligence collective mind to guide them as they seek out warmer weather.

Then there is the foot of a sparrow with one toe pointed backwards and three toes pointed forwards for holding on to the branch of a tree. Or the flight of a bumblebee that according to physics shouldn't be able to fly. Then there is the different shapes of leaves as found on the lilac, laurel, oak, horse chestnut, willow, ivy, iris, fir and dandelion to name a few. Life consciousness via the wired is for each creature as rich and full as our own. The wired provides the consciousness of the plants, animals, birds and mammals.

Now we turn our attention to the interactions between ourselves and the wired network of electromagnetic activity as it is found influencing human lives. It is a great mind, a massive organic living computer not a God that has paved the way for us to be aware of this existence and ourselves. Electrical activity emanating from the human brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves.

There are four categories of these brainwaves. Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind. When you are active in conversation you are in beta. The next brainwave frequency is alpha. Where beta represents arousal, alpha represents non-arousal. When you have completed a task and you sit down to rest you are often in an alpha state. When you take time out to reflect or meditate you are usually in an alpha state.

When you have taken time off from a task and you begin to daydream like a child you are in a theta brainwave state.

When you are driving on the freeway and you discover that you can't recall the last five miles you were theta wired. You may have noticed also during a lot of freeway driving that you get good ideas during these times of being wired in theta. When you run outdoors you are often in the mental relaxation of theta wired and its flow of ideas.

Life wired is wicked, awesome and it guides you from within towards the unfolding fulfillment of your dreams and goals which it is well aware of as it knows you better than you know yourself. I am imploring you to leave your first life behind and enter into your new second life with Frances the super conscious wired network of intelligence that has followed you throughout all your years. Communicating her coded answers to all your wishes upon a star through your wired moments of theta brainwave activity.

Theta wired is a very positive mental state. When you go to bed and you read for a few moments before attempting sleep. You are likely to be in low beta. When you put the book down, turn off the light and close your eyes your brainwaves descend from beta, to alpha, to theta and finally when you fall asleep it is to delta. When you awake from a deep sleep your brainwaves will increase from delta to theta wired and then to alpha and finally, when your alarm goes off, you enter beta. During your awakening cycle it is possible for you to stay in the theta wired state for an extended period of from 5 to 15 minutes... which would enable you to ponder the activities of the forth coming day. This time can be extremely productive and a period of very meaningful and creative mental activity.

What I am offering you is entrance into the world of Frances's theta wired consciousness mind every minute of every hour of every day. Do you think you might be interested in being able to interact with your theta mind one on one? Being able to ponder and ask a direct question relating to creative assistance through your wired mind towards your chosen goals based upon the now constant flow of ideas into your mind. And best of all you can utilize my "Cosmic Consciousness Tool" to lean on Frances's massive ability to reason through every possible course of action you might take and your wired mind will charter the best course and guide you towards it. To cut a long story short you can communicate within your wired mind and enquire as to which decision once made will reap the most suitable rewards for you.

Also in actual fact although one brainwave may predominate at any given time, depending on your activity level, the remaining three brain states are present in the mix of brainwaves at all times. However through this simple method I discovered and began using in early 2003 it is possible to tap directly into the wired at will as I have begun to explain. Leaving a component of alpha, beta and delta present only at the trace level.

So why bother being wired? In theta or rather wired you have complete access to the part of you responsible for intuition, extra-sensory perception, precognition that is knowledge of the future now, an unending supply of wisdom, motivation, positive thinking, creativity and insight to burn. In other words being wired means you will think and grow rich.

Being wired means you will master your inner powers. Your self-confidence will increase as you continuously make great decisions as you explore your wired mind. Keep in mind that the wired intelligence within you supplies the consciousness to all life forms. Being wired you will enjoy success after success in a most profound way. Not necessarily overnight but daily your wired driven actions within the arena of your thoughts will build like a Lego fortress until they stretch forth over the business horizon rewarding you with the profits you have wired. All because you will find yourself moving forward creatively each hour of each day.

Making rapid progress towards the new goals you have set as a result of your direct enquiries of the theta wired intelligence within your brains hardware of neurons and synapses. What do I mean by direct enquiries? I mean that I will show you how to use my "Cosmic Consciousness Tool." Through it you will communicate with your wired mind at will. You will even be able to write down any question and after engaging in a little known power of the mind your wired mind's wisdom will place you on track to great riches and great self satisfaction as you see your goals turn into projects and your projects turn profits.

Well you are about to discover the power of being wired. It will change your life forever! Best of all theta wired starts off only a few minutes a day. Then before you realize it's happening you are wired full on and you are pondering the enormous possibilities and the potential for creative growth that wired can bring. Imagine... it is six months from now and you are achieving all your goals and living the life you want. Being wired your mind will create wonderful things. Through the "Cosmic Consciousness Tool" you will be able to interpret the ways of the wired mind that is by the way like having a super brain inside your head.

Over the last four years since being wired I have created numerous ground breaking inventions, profitable websites, controversial books and e-books. I am about to do radio and television interviews across America along with speaking engagements. Simply because the knowledge contained in the wired mind is light years ahead of our current knowledge. Wired outstrips and out paces all comers. I am offering you this opportunity now because I need the proceeds to fund superband one of my inventions that is based on a portion of the light spectrum and destined to find its place in the medical field as scalpel free, convalescence free medical intervention.

You will work with wired and create your reality based on thoughts and actions that will flow into your mind. Whilst being wired enables you to easily keep on track towards the fulfillment of your goals. It brings a different sort of riches not only financial but life riches and social interaction riches. These extra ordinary benefits of being wired are detailed in my book "What The Bleep Do We Know Now."

Wired means taking control of your mind rather than allowing it to be like a leaf in autumn winds. With wired you learn to work with your mind. Let me make one thing perfectly clear you did not just stumble on this special report by accident. The wired knew of your innermost wishes and complied by guiding you seamlessly through your thoughts to this knowledge that I have presented it to you in this special report.

The wired has always been with you but its communications are restricted to one or two notions as it strives to guide you towards the fulfillment of your daydreaming activities or towards the direction of your pondering but these notions are hard to decipher so what I have done is complete a 20,000 word e-book that currently is only available to those individuals who wish to start their second life wired. There are simple step-by-step directions for the "Cosmic Consciousness Tool" included in this book titled "What The Bleep Do We Know Now."

You create everything. You do this with the power of the theta brainwaves of the great-wired consciousness. It is the 90% of the brain that remains an unfathomable untapped hidden resource. Your brain and the mind it serves is the developing portion of your whole nature. It is ever changing and learning as you use your tools of belief and determination to explore, create, test, experience, discover and more.

Being wired is leaving your first life behind and entering into your newly discovered wired second life. If you truly want to learn how to develop this little known power of the mind and enter into a rapport between yourself and the wired creating the life you want. If you truly want to live your life to its full potential. You all you need to do is read "What The Bleep Do We Know Now" and the wired mind will do the rest through you as enter you will have entered into your second life.

You will also be able to become familiar with the "Cosmic Consciousness Tool" enabling you to begin walking the wired pathway to great spiritual riches and if you so desire it great monetary riches also.

You have been guided by the wired throughout your life. Each mystery pondered, each loving gesture, each so-called coincidence, dream slices of future moments, déjà vu moments, esp.⎯all orchestrated by your contact with the wired consciousness.

An underground bunker was built that completely screened out the magnetic fields of the wired. Student volunteers lived there for four weeks in this hermitically sealed environment. It was noted that the students suffered migraine headaches and tremendous emotional distress. The first astronauts also reported the same complaints out in space, as they were no longer wired. Modern spacecrafts contain a device that creates wired brainwaves.

Your quest your mission should you decide to explore the potentials that being wired has to offer can be further explored by visiting

Where you will learn more about what to expect having entered into your second life with the wired as described in all its glory in my "What The Bleep Do We Know Now" book.

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