How to Overcome Fear of Being Alone

By admin / September 6, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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There is much evidence that we survive more easily and more comfortably when sharing our lives with other human beings than when we live life in a solitary manner. Research shows that we live longer and healthier lives when time is passed in the company of a loving spouse.

Being alone does not merely impact upon our emotional well being it also has a knock-on effect upon our health and expected lifespan. Thus to fear being alone can be seen as a very real threat. It goes against the grain to be alone.

Even one who enjoys a lot of solitary activities does not usually wish to be alone all of the time. Solitary confinement is a grave punishment and only those who have endured it can really appreciate its impact upon your emotions and well being.

Our sense of self derives in many ways from social approval, and if that is not there it is easy to lose that sense of who you even are. There are however in most of our lives a time when we do have to face the fear of being alone in one sense or another.

We can experience a very real sense of loss and loneliness when we lose a parent, even when we have a spouse, siblings or children. We can fear being alone when a relationship breaks down or we lose a spouse for other reasons. It is possible to be surrounded by many friends, family members and acquaintances, and yet still feel alone.

Conversely, you may be entirely on your own and yet not feel alone. Loneliness is an uncomfortable feeling and therefore one that we do not relish. Everyone would like to learn the secret of inner happiness that allows one to be able to repel those feelings of loneliness before they come knocking upon the door.

Some people have strong Spiritual or Religious beliefs that provide them with a sense of togetherness in the world. They always feel as if they are supported, guided and loved. Others do not have the benefit of these beliefs.

An alternative way in which some people overcome and repel loneliness is by developing a very strong and powerful sense of self. They have an inner confidence and a feeling of inner strength, which allows them to feel that all is good in their world.

Either way, to cope with loneliness it is clear that one has to have a particular attitude. It is your own beliefs and attitude to life that allows you to either give in to feelings of loneliness or to repel them. If you suffer from a fear of being alone, then you could use hypnosis mp3 recordings to build a stronger sense of self and to empower your inner beliefs and expectations.

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